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Discussion in 'General Industry Discussions' started by Eddie B, Apr 1, 2005.

  1. justgeorge

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    Speaking of hats, isn't there a Tilley hat that's good in summertime? I was just on their website and it looks like there are several models that would fit the bill (pun intended).....

  2. fga

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    i never understood how anyone can wear sunscreen while working. i sweat and rub my head all day when i'm working, and am always under a customers hose watering down my head. i would be so slimey if i had sunscreen on. not to mention it would wash and wipe off immediately.
  3. SJR Lawncare

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    You are already Mowing??
  4. Shuter

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    My wife reminds me everyday.
  5. GNRL

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    Yep everyday...Coppertone sport with no slip grip. :D
  6. Eddie B

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    Yea. Grass is growin here. Is it growin over/down there?
  7. lawnboy30

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    Just got home and realized that I am burnt on the back of my neck and face. I thought it was a beautiful day and didn't think I needed any sunscreen.

    Can't wait to be tanned.
  8. nriddle77

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    I use Bannana Boat Quick Spray. It's quick an easy to spray it on every morning. It is waterproof and sweatproof too. It's really light and not greasy at all. When you spray it on, you don't even have to rub it in since it's clear.
    It makes wearing sunscreen sooo much easier. I'm very fair skinned (at least at the begining of the season), and with this stuff I never burn.
    Regardless of the conveineince or comfort, sunscreen needs to be worn.

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