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  1. I just replaced a sl1600 that I installed a couple of months ago with a weather station. It would run all 14 zones 3 times each day...I checked all 4 programs ABCD and all 8 start times for each program...I had only one start time on A starting at 4:00 am. I witnessed it start a second complete cycle at about 9:00am and then the homeowner witnessed it at about 1:00pm. It was not cycle soaking it was doing 3 complete cycles and might have done another until I told the Homeowner to stop it........ This is the second W*M SL out of five that I have installed which has not worked correctly......:confused:
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    Did it run the full program? Did you have slope in your soil types? it could have been letting the water soak in, and then rerunning once it was all soaked in.
    What version is it?
  3. It ran all 14 zones then started again and ran all 14 zones again and then started again and homeowner called and said it was now running a full 3rd time and he stopped it at zone #10 with 3min left...I checked the next run times for 11,12,13&14 and after running 2 complete cycles the remaining run times were for the calculated run times per the deficits in the 16min range...The controller acted up a month or so ago so I removed all the slopes and set the slope at zero so I could figure if it was cycle soaking and it was not.....The problem I have is, if you are not at the site you would not know that controllers are doing this.... I know how a controller should be programed and this is a total FU if you ask me.. I sell a homeowner on it will save you money and the PoS runs 3 or more complete cycles.....ver 3.05
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    OH, I KNOW!

    Check the temp data. Do you have a weather monitor where the wire plugs in with an rca connection? Or is the monitor hardwired?

    But check temp data, and see if the high temp is getting a decent reading. I had an old monitor that gave highs of 250*+. Watered 6 hours a day:- EEK.
  5. Sorry London. I'll call my rep and ask him to check this thread and see what he can add if anything positive. I will say we've installed a bunch and though I had some issues in the beginning my relationship with Mike R., my WM rep, kept me plugging away and now I wouldn't consider another timer. I'll call him tomorrow.
  6. The temp data was showing a high in the low 80's and lows in the 40's...the weather monitor module is in place correctly and wired I stated I know how it should be programed and setup correctly and this is the second SL out of 5 that is not operating correctly..
  7. That would be cool if you could, only if you have time. We dont have a rep in my area for WM, that I know of...
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    I tried to get in touch with WM to find out where to buy their product here. They responded with the name of their international distributor and cc'd two people there with instructions to contact me. Still waiting.... sad really... guess I know why nobody knows WM around here...
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    LR - sorry to hear you are having problems. I was chastised a while back for giving my experiences with Weather*Matic controllers. 40% failure rate would be enough to make me change controllers and never look back.

    I suggest trying this for a fool-proof solution - without the cheesey weather pod on the side of the house/building: install an ESP-LX Modular, program the controller using the seasonal adjust by month function based on historical ET for your area = semi-weather based control. This does not take into account all of the current weather parameters, but it will adjust the schedule by month based on your settings. I have installed several of these this way where the property owners would not spring for an ET controller - this method still saves a significant amount of water over no schedule adjustments and I have had zero failures with this controller.
  10. HELLO ......... I think we just had a recent issue with ESPMs needing new solder boards. Thanks for the suggestion MR. REP.

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