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Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by Knukey, Jul 8, 2005.

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    What brand of Weed Control do you suggest? I have heard good things of Scotts with + 2 weed control, but it is expensive. I have also read you are not supposed to feed (fertilize) except in Sept, Oct. and Nov in my area so a weed and feed in early spring would not fit this bill. I want a good weed control to put on Tall Fescue with out a feed additive.

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    Do You Have Crabgrass And Broadleaf Too ? Go To Lesco Get Yourself Some Eliminate And Mix In Some Target 6.6. Be Careful Not To Do It If You Have Drought Stress
  3. Please clarify something. Are you looking to control weeds in a tall fescue lawn?

    Or are you looking to control tall fescue?

    Do you know what weeds you are trying to control?

  4. Knukey

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    I want to kill my old weeded lawn prior to new seeding in September with Tall Fescue. I have clover, chickweed and crab grass predominantly.
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    Depending on how much weed cover you have you have two options...

    #1 - Roundup the whole property and reseed come Sept.

    #2 - Use Momentum or Eliminate and MSMA 3 weeks before you want to seed. Then reseed after 3 weeks.

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