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Well it finally happened today.

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by IN2MOWN, Apr 20, 2007.

  1. IN2MOWN

    IN2MOWN LawnSite Platinum Member
    Posts: 4,993

    I was doing a yard today and a rock shot out and busted a window on a house. Luckily nobody was hurt and the window is only about $100.00.

    Heres the problem Im having.

    The rock was from one of the ziplock bags that people put their advertisements in, fill it with rocks to weigh it down and then throw it on the property.

    I saw it and it was to late to stop by then. I heard the rocks hit the blades, the bag and the ad came out shredded and then I saw something fly and the window shattered.

    I knew something bad could come from someone doing this. IMO its littering and now it can hurt something.

    Thoughts on this poor method of advertising?
  2. paolaken

    paolaken LawnSite Senior Member
    Posts: 699

    we've broken many windows over the years. usually with the weed eater though.
  3. Vikings

    Vikings LawnSite Bronze Member
    from canada
    Posts: 1,667

    One time I slid a patio door to close it, it popped out of its track and hit the cement patio. The entire door instantly shattered into thousands of little glass square and fell into the guys living room... I was like *&#%! $600.
  4. 1MajorTom

    1MajorTom Senior Moderator
    Posts: 6,074

    I think this type of advertising sucks. I perceive it as lazy, and see it as throwing unwanted junk in the yard.
  5. IN2MOWN

    IN2MOWN LawnSite Platinum Member
    Posts: 4,993

    I agree and Im surprised the city doesn't crack down on it. Im debating on calling the company. I'll pay for it and probably not raise a stink because its a cheap window but Im really considering calling the city and talking to them about it.
  6. Vikings

    Vikings LawnSite Bronze Member
    from canada
    Posts: 1,667

    Hey! The first time I heard about it was in Sean's Business Package. I believe he said, 'sure a lot of people won't be happy but your trying to find customers in as efficient manner as possible'.

    But I agree with you, its not for me either. I won't even personally deliver flyers.. that's for younger, broker people.
  7. 1MajorTom

    1MajorTom Senior Moderator
    Posts: 6,074

    if you call the "company" and i use the term loosely, who threw the rock, they will think it's just "sour grapes" on your part that you are mad that they targeted your account. they won't come out to actually see the broken window.
    as for the city, good luck with 'em, they'll listen and that's about it. they won't ever enforce it i bet.
  8. WJW Lawn

    WJW Lawn LawnSite Bronze Member
    Posts: 1,330

    Man I thought rocks in a ziplock baggy was only a North Carolina thang. lol
  9. Sandgropher

    Sandgropher LawnSite Senior Member
    Posts: 909

    Ask the company to pay for it after all it was they actions that caused it.
  10. IN2MOWN

    IN2MOWN LawnSite Platinum Member
    Posts: 4,993

    Youre probably right...

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