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What do you drive????

Discussion in 'Hardscaping' started by Bobcat s250 NY, Feb 8, 2006.

  1. Bobcat s250 NY

    Bobcat s250 NY Banned
    from texas
    Posts: 98

    Hey guy since i started in this business i was never sure what to drive when i go on my estimates. What do you guys drive? I dont have a pick up truck that i see many guys driving around. I only have my dump, flatbed, and box truck. I have thought to drive my personal car, but didnt know if it would seem un professional. Any thoughts????:gunsfirin
  2. cgland

    cgland LawnSite Bronze Member
    Posts: 1,929

    I use my personal vehicle. It's a Ford Explorer Sport. Not too crappy, not too fancy! I do alot of estimates and I would rather be a little more comfortable while driving, plus it is waaayyy better on gas than any of my trucks.

  3. mbella

    mbella LawnSite Bronze Member
    Posts: 1,284

    I rent a limo. I think that if the potential customer sees me pull up in a limo, they will think I am successful and, therefore, good at what I do.

    Yeah, I have my whole entourage in there: my vendor, foreman, laborers, accountant, etc. Sometimes, Chris from CGLAND makes a guest appearance. It's pretty cool. Expensive, but cool.

    Seriously, I use my 1993 F-250 pickup. It has new paint and is respectable, but not even close to fancy. Sometimes, when all of my trucks are in the shop or leaking or not available, I have to use my wife's car, which I don't like to do because it is somewhat fancy.
  4. Drafto

    Drafto LawnSite Senior Member
    Posts: 442

    I use my truck, which is my only company vehicle, or my wifes Durango. Once I thought about going on an estimate in one of my guy's Cavalier so I could leave my truck with them, I coudn't do it.

    I think the way some of us think is funny though. I called a very reputable siding and roof company once for an estimate and didn't think anything of the Subaru Outback the guy pulled up in. But for me? I would never do it, don't know why though? Maybe I wouldn't fit in one.:)

    I do like taking the Durango on estimates, besides the cookie crumbs from the kids, it is nice and roomy and neat. I think the SUV approach is more palletable to me.

  5. bigviclbi

    bigviclbi LawnSite Senior Member
    from nj
    Posts: 894

    One time I pulled up in my moms landrover discovery (my truck was in the shop) and the guy made a comment like"You shouldn't drive a car that nice, you must be charging too much." Well I DON"T drive a car that nice (1993 f-350) but it pissed me off. What, we can't be successful? Charged that guy a $500.00 a$$hole fee though which made up for itpayup
  6. Drafto

    Drafto LawnSite Senior Member
    Posts: 442

    Before you say ANYTHING Chris, I know I overused the word "think" in this post.

  7. cgland

    cgland LawnSite Bronze Member
    Posts: 1,929

    GEEZ Dan - I think I'm giving you a complex!.......I think!

  8. cgland

    cgland LawnSite Bronze Member
    Posts: 1,929

    By the way Dan! I thought you drove a Scion? What custom options did you choose? :laugh:

  9. Drafto

    Drafto LawnSite Senior Member
    Posts: 442

    Where are your job pictures for this thread?:confused:

    UNISCAPER LawnSite Bronze Member
    Posts: 1,426

    My 1940 Ford Standard pick up truck with flathead Ford 100HP V-8. Straight pipes running up the cab back, oak floor, roll tuck seats, 3 on the floor.

    Spoked Ford wheels. No, I don't use Fords for any type of serious work, they cost too much to maintain.

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