What the lowballer does in service work

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  1. What seemed like an innocent easy repair explodes due to series of repairing bad decisions by a dingbat service guy. I'll break this into three posts. The original call is for a wet spot in the yard. Find a 6" VB with a 205 and pump out thinking "All Right an easy screw tightening repair"


  2. Major Jinx. Never wish an easy repair. Always comes back to bite you. This job was so many bad decisions I don't no where to start. I can tell you a proper repair hole was not dug. An Add A Zone was added:confused: No 521?:confused: Poor glue joints. (Source of original leak.) 1/2" flex:confused: Four couplings found. Electrical tape on wires in spots.





  3. The cut out mess at home. Look at the last pic close.



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    What a mess. Not sure im seein it in the last pic... Adapter looks a bit funny.
  5. CAPT Stream Rotar

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    What an abortion pete..

    good luck....

    ::back away from pics::
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    absolutely craptastic

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    Kinda looks like PVC and CPVC are mixed together there with glue instead of a mechanical joint?
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    What a mess. Man, how I hate mud!
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    Correction -> My Girlfriend wants a skin tight Lawnsite T-shirt

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