What type of work shirt seems the best?

Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by CTSNicholas, Jun 18, 2013.

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    I currently do some lawncare, landscaping, and maintenance for a individual 25-30 hours a week, mostly 8-1 and 8-5 on Saturdays. The last couple of years I have experimented with my shirts. Initially just plain tees, then venturing over to sleeveless whereas shoulder got burnt and it didn't seem cooler, then back to cotton tees, and then shirtless on the muggy days with no breeze. I got a nice burn this year and just now am recovering. I have been looking online for ideas. I am thinking that a thin type of cotton button up shirt would be the best option, especially over polyester polos or sleeveless shirts. I do worry about sunscreen chemicals so I was thinking that long sleeve button ups would be a good idea. I am not having a lot of luck online. Any suggestions, and I know the norm would be a company tee or company polo, but I am looking for something different than that since I have the option. Thanks.
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    I think this has been discussed at least twice in the last week.

    I wear polyester running shirts. They are light, breathable, and dry fast.
    They don't hold up as long as cotton (snag easily), but cotton tees are miserably hot and I sweat like a pig in them.

    My goal is to be as comfortable as possible while not looking like a slob.
    I don't do a lot of hardcore landscaping, so it works for me. If I need to do something that requires "getting dirty" I wear something more appropriate for the task.
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    I can get quite messy on my job. Usually it's the days of installing drip lines or doing some spin-trimming. Where can I find these previous topics about this discussion? Also, could you let me know what brand of shirts you are using - I haven't found a polyester that seems cooler than cotton, perhaps it's a blend or newer blend?
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    Living in Florida heat and humidity are an everyday occurrence. I've found that under armour long sleeved charged Cotten works for me the best. Keeps the sun off of you, drys fast and keeps you cool at the same time. I also take rags and soak them in a ice cooler for putting around my neck on the brutal afternoons.
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    We switched from UA to NordicTrak this year. Cotton poly mix with mesh side panels. The fit isn't as tight as the UA but they feel cooler and look great provided your in some sort of athletic shape.
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    dupell, does it seem better to have the long sleeves and less air flow or short sleeves with more breeze but more sun shining?

    Patriot, I looked online and found some Men's NT Dri Mesh Athletic Shirts. Are those the ones you are talking about with mesh sides? That sounds really nice for breathing and not being obtrusive, though no long sleeves.
  7. Patriot Services

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    That's them. I know some guys the long sleeves. I just prefer ss with a Aveeno sunblock. Works great, hardly a tan and I don't look anywhere near my 45 years.I worry more about sun on my face.
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    Cool, they seem cheap at around $10 a shirt compared to under armor. I will give them a try. I like to use a straw hat for keeping sun off my face, looking for one with a wider brim than my current 4" brim.
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    For hats we go with floppy boonies. Military issue ones are impreganted with UV protection and as long as you wash in water only it lasts the life of the hat. Plus they match our camo pants for a true unifirm look. That's right we wear long pants in FL and do just fine. Too many things that bite, sting, scratch or have thorns with toxins on them.
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  10. mowing4cash

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    We were long sleeve safety green tees. After 15 years of cutting grass I finally switched to long sleeve and it feels so much better. And we were pants.


    Keep sun off.
    Less scratches from branches
    bug bites are less
    keeps the dirt off

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