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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by velocicaur, Mar 26, 2014.

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    And that's the thing; I think the type of company you run influences the kind of person you can attract. For instance, if a guy gets hired on and he can tell from the get-go that you don't have plans to really grow the company, he will know that he doesn't have a lot of room to advance. That person might therefore decide to start out on their own.

    On the other hand, if your company is really on a growth track, you might be able to attract a quality employee who wants to grow into a management role, but for whatever reason doesn't want to own a company.
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    This is the best post in this thread.

    You attract what you put out there. If you're planning on being a small company forever with the owner in the field or the sole office personnel, the great workers will pass by to larger companies.

    One reason some don't want to start a company of their own but want to be a manager would be because they don't want to take on the risk and stress.
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    I always think in the back of my mind that working for someone would be so much easier, less risk etc.. but then I also think about what happens when they decide to sell? Or don't manage it well and go out of business? A guy could waste several years with a company and then be left out in the cold.
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    Not to be rude, I'm speaking from my own opinion. But I think you are missing something. I think your missing the old traditional ways many of us were taught in school and living by the new modern generation ways. Or at least that's my view on it anyway. You mention wages, benefits, etc. Which is now taught it seems like in schools. Get the best education you can, get the best job, make the most money, live big. Some of us weren't taught that way. I still remember my teachers in little school telling me, when you grow up finding a career you enjoy is more important than finding a job that pays the most wages. Now days it seems like schools and kids learn the opposite. It's more about the high paying job. I can only speak for myself, but I'm sure many others here would agree. We don't do this because we have to. I enjoy Lawns. I enjoy learning about them. I enjoy studying soils, grasses, soil science, agriculture, etc. I'm not now in this field because I need to, but because I want to. I love waking up, drinking my coffee, loading the equipment, I love being outdoors, breathing fresh air and smelling fresh cut grass all day, I enjoy the sunny days, I enjoy the rainy days with cool air, I enjoy pleasing customers, I enjoy everything I do now days. If you're looking for the benefits, 401k, health insurance, and $500k a year, then maybe you shouldn't be looking at the lawn care field or on the lawnsite, and rather attending a college for 8 years, earning a PHD, studying hard, and getting through school. You mentioned there are so many other places to work. Let's say manufacturing facilities as you mentioned. One of my relatives has been working factories since she, yes I said she, was a teenager. Did I mention 10+ factories, bouncing around from lay-offs, to companies going out of business from one to the next? I guess that's what she enjoys. I couldn't see my self enjoying learning new routines, new co-workers, and bouncing around from factory or factory all my life. But that's what she enjoys. This is what I enjoy. This is what many of us here enjoy, hence the people you are speaking too are spending our free time on LAWNSITE, after working 6 or 7 day weeks. Not because we need to be on LAWNSITE, but probably because many of us love our field. Your post kind of contradicts itself. You states you HAVE BEEN LOOKING FOR A JOB, then you stated there are many other places to work. If there are many other places to work, why have you been looking for a job still? Anyway, that's just my 2c, but to make things short and sweet, I love everything about making customers happy, working in lawns, being out doors, and doing what I do. I would do what I do for $15.00 an hour if I had too, before I'd sit inside on a computer all day for $20.000 an hour. Why? Because money doesn't buy happiness in my life, but career satisfaction makes me happy to wake up every day, that's for dang sure.
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    smoking wastes time… it's an excuse to not do anything.

    You should watch it more, but you're probably busy actually working to pay attention.

    Smoking a cigarette consumes 6 minutes of production time.
    That's 1/10th of an hour.

    guys smoke a pack a day (more in some cases)
    20 to a pack.
    that's two wasted hours of time, every day.

    -2 hours out of an 8 hour day, so can I pay the smoking guy 25% less than the non smoker?

    I guarantee even a mediocre non smoker, is 25% more productive than a smoker.

    I did a talk for several years at conferences entitled "6 minutes"…and it was about production time and bad habits… using smoking as an example.

    However these days, I think texting and personal phone calls are much more of a time bandit.
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    good post:drinkup::drinkup:

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    Cost of living has changed a lot.

    Fact is most small lcos won't pay a person enough to live on. Everyone on here always complains they have to pay $9-10 an hour
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    I never let them in my trucks or my house. And now that they are all gone I never need to deal with this again. But a good guess is out of the roughly 75 employees iv had over the last 11 years I think 5 were non smokers.

    One of those rare things the liberals did that actually improved lives and made me happier is when they banned smoking in bars and restaurants here. To bad they seldom accomplish something useful more than once every 50 years.
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    I'll agree with you on the texting. That drives me nuts.

    If people can't smoke and work at the same time then they can't smoke while working. That would be my policy. Thankfully, I'll never have employees.
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    I smoked a pack a day for 10+ years. I've now been cig free for 3+ years. I'm now on currently on some expensive e-cigs with high quality e-juice. I only smoke it between jobs point a to point b. Currently winging myself off of it. Can I say one of the best choices I ever made. I feel like a completely new person, less time wasted, no more nasty smell, no more coughing, and no more nasty ashes! I can simply agree being an ex-smoker, smoking them things all day waste productivity by a long shot, whether someone argues to that or not, unless you simply don't smoke at all at work or during the day.

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