Why I buy Exmark 30 inch lawn mowers

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing Equipment' started by SSantor, Aug 19, 2013.

  1. LawnMan19

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    No they don't spin fast enough, or have enough power to keep it going. They stay turning but very slowly...
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  2. ducnut

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    My wheels simply don't rotate. The engine is running at WOT (~3600rpm-tach verified), my drive handle is fully down, and the wheels don't pull the mower.

    I received a recall for something with the left blade and a washer. When I take it in, I'm going to have it looked at, as the lack of drive is ridiculous.

    Side discharge, for me. Mulching just sends all the clippings to the right side and windrows them. There's no baffle on the front wall, so the blades aren't compartmentalized. I don't bag anything.

    I'll experiment more, in 2014, as I just got the mower at the end of the season.
  3. lawnsaspire

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    I sold my toro turfmaster because I found it terribly cumbersome and unbalanced to use. I still own two timemasters. I'm trying to debate if I should stick with the timemasters as a main tiny yard mower, go with y bravo, or perhaps go with an exmark 30. I realize it is as heavy as the timemaster but I've heard the controls and overall balance are way better. Any thoughts on those that have used both? I have a friend who said I could use his for a day so I won't be going into it blindly. Also, are the transmissions on the commercial machines the same design as what's on the timemaster? Thank you!
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  4. Ready to Mow

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    Yes they're the same.
  5. sjessen

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    The new Toro's have the same bail system as Exmark now. I own a Timemaster and Exmark 30". I will look again but I think the commercial transmission is different. PartsTree might have a breakdown with numbers if you want to check.
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