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  1. Received a call about a valve that would not shut last week , we fixed two zone valves with rocks in the valve last week. Rocks in the main was caused by the septic company. We returned today for the wiring problem. The system has been shut down for over 2 years because of all the problems. Two valves would not close(rocks) and all 8 zones not working from controller(cut wires).

    Pic#1 ground fault pinpointed this area.

    Pic#2 uncover and pulled on the wire and came right apart.

    Pic#3 uncover more and found the cable tv and telephone company had plowed in the cable and nicked the wires but missed the pipe.

    Pic#4 another point the ground fault pinpointed, this was from a previous contractor repair, who also nicked the wires with a shovel and I pulled them right apart. We did a temp jumper on three of the wires, one common and 2 field wires. I still have 2 more zones not working and I believe the septic company cut the wires and will return next week for further hunting. Six zones now working and two more to go...

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    What are your thoughts in that ground fault?Great pics.
  3. Great for finding the slightest nick and wire splices. I would have been dead in the water on this job and one I did last Saturday without it...
  4. I'm big on that ground fault as well. Great tool when you need it.
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    How does that Pulser work. Do you first have to locate the wire path and drag that along it, or will it also trace the path of the wire itself?
  6. My method is to flag or paint the wire path using the 521 then use the pulser on the wire path.
  7. Yes same method as Peter....
    I actually found 3 other places the wire was nicked, one was under a shrub from when it was planted and two more out in the yard.....
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    The Pulser works great... sometimes too good as it will locate every nick along the way, even the ones not causing the problem. :)
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    Don't touch the wire with the pulsar running.
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    Wish all our wiring was that shallow. It would make for easier repairs. Course... if our wiring was that shallow there'd be a LOT more repairs needing to be made. :)

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