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Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by ED'S LAWNCARE, Jun 16, 2006.


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    I was wondering does anyone do any work for banks, such as forclosures and such, and if so how/whom do you go to for advertising your services. There are a few companies that hire smaller lco to do this, but I would like to work for the bank directly.

    Also how about real estate agents with forclosed properties?
  2. Duck Dodger

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    Either you know someone or just be the cheapest guy in town. They have already lost on it and don't like puting more money into forclosed homes. You may be able to convince them that using your services would help resale the home faster but over all they are cheap.
  3. K&ALandscaping

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    I am lucky I have a friend who is a real estate agent. He had told me to just bring some fliers up to his office and he would distribute them for me. It hasn't brought much business because some of the realtors already have someone they are using but it doesn't hurt.

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