Working with GIANT trees

Discussion in 'Original Pictures Forum' started by mdvaden, Jul 16, 2010.

  1. mdvaden

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    This forum category says "pictures of your work" ... so here you go.

    The last year opened the door to work among the coast redwoods, helping to look for and measure the tallest redwoods. A nice part time work on the side from my urban landscape and pruning.

    In my free time, and during work, unusually shaped trees are seen along with many that are a bit more streamlined.


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  2. olaf valle

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    Is that california? You must love your work.
  3. bobcat48

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    Wow,that is really big.
  4. mdvaden

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    Yes. The man I help also measures near Humboldt State Redwoods State Park, but that area is flatter and more open. Most assistance is needed in the dense, rugged and steep parks of Jedediah Smith, Prairie Creek and Redwood National Park, between Orick and Crescent City.

    Last week, one day involved 3 miles on a trail, bushwhacking off trail, and 4 miles up and down Redwood Creek wearing water shoes. Wading up to our chest and holding packs over our heads. That has to be July and August work.

    It was rather interesting walking between the walls of trees and watching river otters bob up and down from the surface on the return.


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  5. joef450snowplow

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    im sorry but does anyone else see what i see oon the first tree! haha
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    yes, i did, and i thought the thread was going to be about funny pics hahah.
  7. joef450snowplow

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  8. a plus bob

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    That's some serious wood :laugh:
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    Man, you'd need a whole load of mulch to take care of that tree ring.
  10. Az Gardener

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    Yes those trees are surreal. My wife and I spent a couple of weeks in the redwood forest when I asked her to marry me very memorable.

    Who pays you to wade through streams and measure trees?

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