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  1. Received a call for a repair by a new customer. The customer had a leak so he called a plumber since he did not know what was the problem. A plumber came out and capped the line and suggested that the customer call a irrigation company.

    We arrive and find this..

    The main was capped off by the plumber, the main was at a very uneven angle and I suspect this caused the leak.

    After figuring out the system I discovered that there was no backflow protection and that all the heads had been piped in flex pipe coming off the zone valve.


    After reconnecting the system, installing the backflow and new zone valve all covered up.


    Here is a pic of the flex pipe going to the head..

    I informed the homeowner that this was not common practice and if he has any other problem we would gladly come back out and address any issues he had. He was happy that his system was working again. This is not the first system I have see that flex pipe was used as piping.
    All the original products came from ACE hardware...
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    Nice pics & repair London...Jeez those guys must have the pressure to over-
    come the friction loss of the swing pipe! What!, you don't paint your valve boxes purple, like Hayes???? :laugh:
  3. It looks like they ran the flex pipe 30' feeding two heads in both directions and another 40' to the last two heads, four heads total all on flex pipe. It must be the color of the pics because the VB are green....

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