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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by WREBELMACHINE, Jul 16, 2007.


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    Hey gang my dealer that I deal with had a couple of demo Yard Shark mowers dropped off to him to try out. So he gives me a call and tell me to come pick them up and let him know what I think of them. So I thought I would pass the info on here.

    First unit is a 36" hydro walk. Unit is a 15hp Kohler that starts great. I also found the control of the machine to be pretty good but probably not for me!

    Second unit is a60" 25hp kawasaki ZTR. First thing it sets really low to the ground. The machine is supper smooth and I really do not understand why but it rides really good! The controls took some getting use to but not bad and the deck discharge is outstanding!

    Both machines seem real good for the money and would be great for crews with mostly residental type mowing not acerage mowing. Mainly because 60" is the biggest machine available.
  2. JimQ

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    I could be wrong but....

    The walks are no doubt Red Hawk.

    As close as I can tell, the Z's are produced by B&H Manufacturing in Jackson, Minnesota. They produce Ag equipment. Entered the mower market with a few mowers branded as "Jazzer". I guess they just completed the first built of 350 "Yard Sharks".


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    B&H was the manufacture for Schweiss but has discontinued them for the Shark mowers.
  4. Envy Lawn Service

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    I like the low profile and the 'clean' sorta design.

    Otherwise, it reminds me a lot of the convertable mower... just not convertable.
    Not that it's really a bad thing.

    What is missing is some better specifications though...
  5. ncls

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    I'm sure they are "affordable", but look at the deck, it's thin compared to most other "commercial mowers". Scag, Bad boy, Exmark, etc. That deck is like a homeowner Cub Cadet. In my humble opinion, from the website pics.
  6. Grits

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    It says it has a 7 gauge deck. That's pretty thick.
  7. Green King

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    I saw it today in person it reminds me of a great dane mower. except it sits lower to the ground. The deck is deceptive because of the color. It seems pretty strong!

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    Well I am returning them tomorrow. but after using the rider I am finding myself liking the machine more and more. it is really quick on small yards and very manuverable! I find the machine could easily replace a stand on or a large walk!
  9. Envy Lawn Service

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    The low low profile is what interests me.

    Have any hills out there that you have tried them on?

    (I like the break-away sticks too)

    What kind of drive system does it have and did you take any demo pics?

    What's the priceline you are getting on the 60"?... if you don't mind me asking.

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    Ok hillside ability is good however it is not in the same league as a country clipper charger but it is better than most!

    Price to me was 60" 25hp kaw. $6995

    Drive is white pumps and motors with no dampners. The parking brakes are real good.

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