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  1. Don't run into these often anymore but I consider this to be great valve and was my valve of choice with the Imperial valet timer. They gave you a 5 year warranty if you used their valves and timer together. This valves solenoid also registers as a short on the Station Master. Says 10 watt 60 cycle on coil plate. Yes it was good and working. I didn't have a replacement diaphragm so I cut it out. I think installed in 82-83.




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    No Imperial replacement diaphragms? ;)
  3. Nope. Had used my last one and the only place that had it was 45 minutes there and back so I cut it out and had a 205 with flow take the place of this irrigation hero.
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    I see systems with good Imperial valves and failed timers, and the generic modern replacement controller can't handle the solenoid load. Especially with a master valve.
  5. What I've seen more than once is a 3/4 amp big box timer in which the fuse has been replaced with a 1.5 or two. Once saw bubble gum wrapper used to bypass a small fuse. Only one Imperial left on this job and I may switch it to a WM Smartline so just best to cut these old jewels out now. Henry says you get a dollar a pound for brass now so he's happy.
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    Why not replace it at the same time while you were there?

    Or, is it because you wouldn't get a second service call fee?
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    True..but what a bullet proof valve that was/ long as the Valets last.
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    There were some other electromechanical controllers used with those valves. Used to be that they were mostly fed from 40 VA transformers. I would often add the flow-control stem when repairing a failed Imperial valve, if it were the non-flow-control type.
  9. I don't charge service call fees. Just a big fat hourly rate and a huge material mark up.:)
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