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Yeah. Sure. I'll get right on it

Discussion in 'Hardscaping' started by DVS Hardscaper, Sep 21, 2013.

  1. zedosix

    zedosix LawnSite Silver Member
    Posts: 2,627

    Couldn't agree more! Well said Jm
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  2. DVS Hardscaper

    DVS Hardscaper LawnSite Fanatic
    Posts: 6,402

    I don't believe anyone can argue with you on this.

    But the point I keep going back to is that Crusher Run is comprised the majority of fines. Dust.

    Like I said, I even posted pics of a compacted crusher run base. The pic is worth a thousand words. All you mostly see is......FINES!!! (DUST)

  3. Agape

    Agape LawnSite Bronze Member
    Posts: 1,645

    Unfortunately, the HO Can return the unused portions, I think a better revenge would be to devide it in half or one third so that they think they can do it for $1500 in materials amd then have to get $3-4K more with delivery. (If they order the right amount the second time.)
  4. alldayrj

    alldayrj LawnSite Gold Member
    Posts: 3,747

    Have fun returning a few skids of brick, 6 yards of RCA and 3 yards of sand that are dumped in your driveway haha.
  5. zedosix

    zedosix LawnSite Silver Member
    Posts: 2,627

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