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Discussion in 'General Industry Discussions' started by JRAZ, Jul 1, 2005.

  1. JRAZ

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    A small random story from my day. When my maintenance crew came back at the end of today the foreman gave me the low down on the day. They were at a nice residence on the water working on cutting back an overgrown landscape, we do this place once per year every year. It was a hot day and they worked very hard. He said the male homeowner watched them through the window most of the time. I thought no big deal, this happens from time to time. Then he said in the middle of the day the guy came out and told (kind of asked) them they can take their shirts off since it was so hot! This guy looks like the definition of a dirty old man. Eewwww...
  2. PLM-1

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    That's funny! Did they? lol
  3. lawnandplow42

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    hahahaha. Atleast he said just the shirts.
  4. JRAZ

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    they left the shirts on!
  5. Expert Lawns

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    Luckily you only do it once a year. When he starts asking for it every week, then I'd be a bit worried
  6. Mo Green

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    Anyone in your crew female?
  7. JRAZ

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    Nope. That is why this is grossly bizarre...
  8. Mo Green

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    Bizarre is, you can never tell about some people.
  9. mbricker

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    Several years ago I had a customer I suspected of being a little, you know, swishy. He was about 65, had a somewhat younger buddy, mid-50's, who seemed to hang out a lot on the days I was there. They would stand around watching me do the mowing. Gave me the creeps. The kind of people I warned my younger help to watch out for.

    What can ya do?
  10. impactlandscaping

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    "Where's that muscle-ly armed paper boy? I got a freezer full of popsicles in my basement"

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