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    I like the chest mount better than the head anyway, less shimmy shake. I ran a Tough mudder race with one on my chest and it came out great
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    TomG is holding seminars on this very subject in the very near future....

    I mean, have you seen his videos?

    They are amazing, stunning, cinematic beauty....

    Seriously, he is so gung ho about them that even if you couldn't make a seminar I bet he would help you out.....
  3. TomG

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    DVS can you make one of the Nicolock events? Here is the list. I am teaching a seminar on this very topic. We have had tremendous success with using YouTube. I believe it is a much more powerful social media avenue than Facebook, Twitter and all the other ones. If you come to the seminar I promise you will learn something. I'm not a corporate sales man, I'm a contractor,I talk about my real life experiences. Hope to see you at one!

    If you cant make one... here's the very basic of it. Get a GoPro, mess around with it. Start off with editing with windows movie maker or Imovie. GoPro even makes their own editing program now for free you can use. Thats what I started with. Then if you want to make better videos upgrade to a program like Adobe Premiere Pro. That's what I use now.

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