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  1. Well I'm back and rested. Was out in the jungle by Mahahual Yucatan. A catergory five hurricane hit this area last august. Pics worth your interest.
    All hurricane damage stuff. Their were acres and acres of dead mangroves. With the wind and heat it is eventually going to become one heckuva fire.


    hurricane destruction.jpg

    more hurricane.jpg

    Outside the door.jpg
  2. This was my first opportunity to see a real cistern in operation. The roof collects. Flows into the hole and ends in that under house cistern. The water was pretty clean. Just add chlorine. Water is precious obviously and we used it sparingly. Our batteries for electricity which got powered three hours a day from a shared diesel generator.


    roof hole.jpg

    cistern hole.jpg

  3. Reestablishing palms. My nap area, my view and my liquid for the week.

    palm nuts.jpg



    from the porch.jpg

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    half a beer a week - that's too much economizing
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    We spent six months down there years ago, did you get south to Tulum or Chetumal?
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    My trip to Mexico got cancelled. The event only had half the money as last year so no U.S. pilots are able to go, since the event paid for airfare, shipping of our hot air balloons, and hotel. Bummer. May do a snowboarding trip instead. Steamboat Springs probably.
  7. We were south of Tulum and north of Chetumal. Tulum has a lot of old hippies in it.
  8. Did you get ripped off by Mexican gas pumpers? I was ready for those thieves but still had to argue with every one.
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    I guess that is where you would find Mike then. :waving:

    ::expecting invite next time you go:: ;)

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