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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by poneal, Apr 14, 2003.

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    I am starting to research ZTR mowers for residential use and wanted to get opinions from the experts. I have a 4 acre lot with lots of trees (don't mow it all). Because of the trees, I think I am going to stick with a 52/54 inch deck. I have read up on the JD M655 (25hp/54" deck), Scag Tiger Cub (23hp/52" deck) and ExmarkLazer Z (20hp/52" deck). What are your opinions/recomendatins on these three mowers.

    I live in a small town that only has a deere and Scag dealer. The Exmark dealer is 1 hour away. How much should I let this influence my decision?

    Thank you.
  2. fox

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    i have owned both john deere and exmark units , and have had good luck with both. the exmark is a great larger machine for residential mowing (great cut). the dealer thats 1 hr. away should only be a concern if you are not small engine expierienced. excluding that, most replacement parts can be ordered by catalog or online. good luck.
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    If you are thinking about a John Deere M655 you might consider the John Deere 700 series either a 737 or 757. The new series JD mowers are a lot stronger than the old M series. I have owned the M series mowers and the 700 series are much stronger with the Kawasaki engines. I am currently using the John Deere 757's and I have been very pleased with them.


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