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  1. TPendagast
  2. TPendagast
    Without a good lawyer you might have had similar issues
  3. TPendagast
    The Florida guy is still in jail
    GSO LAWNEN4CER TPendagast
    Seems you guys can’t disseminate the difference between using DEADY FORCE. And the show of force.
    GSO LAWNEN4CER TPendagast
    I guess your talking about the parking spot shooting in FL. My detective friend is indeed correct. You don’t have to be in immediate danger to use your weapon.
    GSO LAWNEN4CER TPendagast
    I called a former customer that’s a Sargent and homicide detective. He says that a good defense attorney could get the school zone charges dismissed or not even considered. And I had ever right to use my firearm to stop a crime in progress. His expiation was clear.
    1. TPendagast
      Right a good attorney that costs money , after you’ve been charged
      All of which costs more time and money than the damn wheel barrow,
      And... your ex cop friend is wrong

      Do more research
      While you’re at it look
      Up the guy in Florida who’s in jail for shooting a guy who tackled him and threw him to the ground ... hitting his head on the pavement , all of which is on camera...
      Apr 21, 2019 at 9:28 PM
  8. Andrew King
    Andrew King heritage
    Hi Pete can you post a link to those Teejet fan nozzles you were talking about when using the perma green to spray 46-0-0 with Ferromec Ac ?
  9. bhq100
    bhq100 GardenGal
    Hello: Do you still have the Turfco overseeder and the Lesco aerator for sale? I am interested in purchasing.
  10. Black zombie
    Black zombie greendoctor
    Hello. I was just wondering if you could possibly assist me on getting my back pack spray rig tips and nozzles together. And possibly a boom set up for it. It’s the electric my4sons models. You can text me too if needed. Thank you very much ahead of time for any assistance. (423)741-3827
    Signature lawn