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  1. turfmasterslincoln
    turfmasterslincoln DA Quality Lawn & YS
    Did you see the message I sent you?
  2. McCoy
    McCoy dwost
    dwost: I recently ran across a post of yours titled "Custom Spray Rig For Bad Boy." I also purchased the same luggage carrier with the same idea in mind. How did you mount the luggage carrier to thee mower and the sprayer to the luggage carrier? Did you need to ballast the front?

  3. Greg Bowling
    Greg Bowling
    what is this part . 2009 dixie chopper 3372 classic w/generac
  4. ktbesch2
    ktbesch2 Gorhad
    "Made mine and one for my really great.

    Drew up some pics with dimensions and materials list if anyone is interested message me"

    It is for the lawnmower blade sharpening jig.

    Do you still have these plans available? Would love to get a copy.
    Thanks either way.
  5. Jimmy rig
    Jimmy rig
    I have a dump trailer and I I would like to start hauling Mulch and gravel with it
  6. Carolina Cuttin' Company
    Carolina Cuttin' Company Cody Logue
    Hey, there. I PM'd you a while ago. Did you get my message?
  7. RKL
    Homeowner in CA with 20+ acres, including lots of dry brush to clear.
  8. Carolina Cuttin' Company
    Carolina Cuttin' Company ronnie taylor
    Hi, from Swansea, SC! You a landscaper/lawn guy or a homeowner?
  9. Charlie Tweeder
    Charlie Tweeder
    I need help I have a 2015 Grasshopper 329B that all of a sudden won’t battery new starter solenoid all terminals cleaned nothing
  10. Mownmachine144
    In the market for a gravely PT100 52" or scag Tiger cat II 52"