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  1. Colorado68
    Colorado68 SMC LC
    I read your post about the Ferris 800 you bought and was wondering if you could share who your dealer was. I am interested in the same mower but maybe 61” deck.
    Thanks Glenn
  2. Joseph Graham
    Joseph Graham
    Ambitious and focused on the ability to create a better environment for our customers and employees.
  3. RigglePLC
    RigglePLC Tyler Keddy
    My opinion, no you do not need topsoil when overseeding to improve a lawn. If you apply at a quarter-inch deep, that is about 800 pounds per thousand sqft. Labor cost to spread is too high.
    Better to use slit seeder. Or power rake.
    Better yet to sow 50 percent more seed, then rake or power rake to work it into the soil.
  4. Carolina Cuttin' Company
  5. Kris W.
    Kris W.
    Work Hard,Play Hard...Livin the Green Life
  6. Tyler Keddy
    Tyler Keddy
    Do I need topsoil when I improve a lawn with seed?
    1. JFGLN
      May 31, 2020 at 10:01 AM
  7. jMacDaddy
    Me? Just 'seeking Jehovah while he may be found, calling to him while he proves to be near'. We live in perilous times. Learn now. jworg
  8. HydraMacFan12
    looking for a hydra mac skidsteer in Michigan. thanks
  9. JagT20N
    42 years and 1503.6 hours and the Onan N52M dropped a valve seat , Mow in peace little motor , NOw for a CH680
  10. JFGLN
    JFGLN Stinger Equipment
    Hello, Stinger. are you guys open? I’m having a problem with my seeder. Less then 5 hrs on this unit. It’s chewing up the drive belt.

    Please give me a call.

    busy bee lawn service in Olympia, Wa

    1. JFGLN
      Opps, I thought this was a PM, Anyhow Dustin assures me a new belt is on the way. :)
      May 18, 2020
    2. JFGLN
      Hey its Wednesday and the new belt is already here! I'm impressed.
      May 20, 2020