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New Profile Posts

  1. bbdlawnscapes
    bbdlawnscapes Greg Kawalek
    Hey Greg, I was inquiring about your proposal for landscape work around Atlanta. Do you have any more info on it. I am very interested.

  2. Lawnset
    2011 hustler super z hd blowing 10 amp fuse when hydro fan comes on... amps spike 30amps at fan plug for one second then back to 12 amps
  3. Gazza1129
    Newbie. Not afraid of hard work, but worried I won’t pick up clients!!! Hi guys thanks for letting me in.
  4. CLT Bluesman
    CLT Bluesman Coachbob
    Bob, I drove my 737 500 miles one way so he can work on my engine. He knows all the weak spots and how to mitigate them. He has new heads in stock. He has a machinist down here who knows his stuff. You can ship your engine. Anyway I highly recommend him. Check out his posts. John
  5. CountryboyTn
    Scag cheetah or tiger cat??? Test drove them today leaning more toward cheetah but I only mow on the side any advice???
  6. LandscapeKing
    LandscapeKing gusbuster
    Know anyone in the LA area that would let me pick there brain? I'm looking to expand
  7. Blainethompson
    Blainethompson 1idejim
    The reason I'm bringing this up is for one yard imparticular. Very hard soil, needs to be aerated often. around 3/4 acre, over 80 sprinkler heads in the yard. turn system on to mark heads and you may as well have just jumped in the pool in the back yard. thanks again jim.
  8. Blainethompson
    Blainethompson 1idejim
    (the message above is part of this message) So I went to google and from what comes up I'm assuming there isn't a dedicated sprinkler head locator. Plan B: will a metal detector consistently detect the metal spring inside most sprinkler heads? Plan C: What about driving a 6"x1/4" steel rod or nail into the ground right next to the sprinkler head and then use metal detector to find. possible even smaller nail?
    1. 1idejim
      Sprinkler heads use stainless steel springs which as you know are non ferris so you need a treasure type of metal detector and vertically oriented targets are more difficult to find than horizontal targets.

      The nail might work at the first head though
      Oct 11, 2017
  9. Blainethompson
    Blainethompson 1idejim
    I kinda have a dumb question because I think I know the answer. What is the easiest way to find sprinkler heads. Say to mark for aerating. Besides the obvious way of turning on and marking with flags. I'm looking for a more dry route honestly. Does no one make a sprinkler head locator? I thought I would at least run it by you and see if you knew of anything. I appreciate it.
    1. 1idejim
      The driest method I can think of is using compressed air.

      I would attach at the blowout port (boiler drain, quick couple or any exposed head using a plug.

      Pm me your number if you'd like to discuss this further, I'd be happy to speak directly with you Blaine.
      Oct 11, 2017
  10. Irrigation Contractor
    Irrigation Contractor Water Saver
    I would like to talk for a few minutes about the GIS mapping. Feel free to send me your number or call me at (615) 405-4480.

    Juniper priced us the Archer 2 and like you the Mesa 2 looked better, but they said the Mesa would not work with Aspect. I assume you are not using Aspect, but another program? We were going to purchase the Geode GNSS receiver also.