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  1. Elite Lawn LLC.
    Elite Lawn LLC.
    Making one more Elite Lawn day by day!
  2. Water Saver
    Water Saver irritation
    Any chance your going to the Site One University deal in Carmel tomorrow? I'm trying to learn about local irrigation best practices. I'm flying in to Indianapolis today and looking for advice. Any help is appreciated.
  3. americanlawn
    americanlawn TPendagast
    Hi. TruGreen offer for my lawn care business ? (American Lawn Care, Des Moines Iowa). Lawn/tree apps (plus aeration) = about $750,000 (excludes mowing, snow removal). I'm originally an old ChemLawn/ChemScape guy from the late 70's. In business since 1990, and we are well known. TruGreen offered me about $1.20 per dollar 15 years ago. Would TruGreen would offer "dollar for dollar"? Thanks, Larry.
    1. TPendagast
      Well I don’t know exactly
      I haven’t bought/evaluates companies for TRUGREEN since before 9/11

      That’s a long time

      I don’t even know if TRUGREEN is even looking to acquire businesses anymore

      Best thing to do is look into what it costs for a business broker , they’re like real estate agents that sell businesses.
      Dec 4, 2017
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  4. D.L.T. Lawn care Service
    D.L.T. Lawn care Service
    Fall clean up to book me 5019521571 or dltlawncareservice@gmail.com
  5. C&C Landscaping
    C&C Landscaping Domenick
    What’s your location?
  6. AllenMParke
  7. Jason Rumsey
    Jason Rumsey
    How does every body like. The scag sw 48 with a sulky. They seem like good mowers for as old as they are.
  8. RodneyK
    RodneyK T Byrd
    You can text me about Turf Tiger 260-241-2178
  9. T Byrd
    T Byrd RodneyK
    I might be interested in the Turf tiger you have listed for sale. I just signed up to talk to you.. Is there a way to PM? I am in Chicago... not too far.
  10. oabdu123
    oabdu123 mbigred
    I was looking at the Toro 44 Proline that you sold some years ago. I have a couple in my rotation, and you did a top notch job on the repaint/restore. Can you give me a little insight on what type of paint that you used, how many hours it took to get it looking as nice as it did, just the process you went through to get the final result if you have some time. I would definitely appreciate that.