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  1. Hutch's Hometown Services
    Hutch's Hometown Services
    Central Arkansas' #1 Lawn and Landscape provider!
  2. Pat18
    Pat18 John_DeereGreen
    Hey noticed you posted about the turf teq sidewinder edger. Thinking about buying a used one. Are they worth the money, also are they solid for re edging beds or simply for brand new edges. Any info would be great. Thanks! -pat
  3. Pat18
    Pat18 jmlawns
    Hey I'm new to lawnsite so hope I'm posting in the right spot. I saw you post about the turf teq sidewinder on a thread, I'm thinking about buying a used one but was wondering if they are worth the money. Any information you could give me about them? Mainly will be using it for spring time re edging and if need forming new bed edges. Thoughts or reviews? I'd appreciate any information on it. Thanks! -pat obrien
  4. DA Quality Lawn & YS
    DA Quality Lawn & YS
    Thanks...Im gonna have to go to the shed and take a pic....ill get back with you....
  5. ol dog
  6. DA Quality Lawn & YS
    DA Quality Lawn & YS
    I can get one, what is your email? I put a 60" Z, 36" WB, and a 21 in mine. The two small mowers go in the 48" side drop down ramp
    1. jdub516
      Mar 27, 2017 at 8:26 PM
  7. jdub516
    jdub516 DA Quality Lawn & YS
    Hey I have a quick question, I see you have a 7x14 with a side ramp. Any chance you have any photos of it? This is about the exact size I'm looking for with a side ramp.
  8. Jermaine Facundo
    Jermaine Facundo
    Looking for new business we have cutting edge equipment and experience.
  9. Oldfulla
    Oldfulla Turfman999
    Hello Turfman999, I see in an old thread you owned a Bobcat CRZ, would you mind telling me how its been working out for you for light commercial use? Thanks.
  10. Kristopherfrank
    if you need your yard mowed in the Oklahoma City area