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  1. BrianMelka
    BrianMelka jmoney7269
    I'm sorry you are having problems with oil consumption. There is some history of high oil consumption on earlier models up to 2015. Please let me know if you are not taken care of well. I appreciate the feedback. Brian
  2. bobandia
    Exmark Lazer 27hp Kohler Need some help!
  3. Patrick Quinn
    Patrick Quinn
    What does everyone use to bill there clients?
  4. j-scapes
    j-scapes FLC2000
    Hi there,
    I was reading a post about employment and saw that you are from KC. I'm new to this site and own a landscaping company too. I thought I'd reach out to see if you have any references to experienced workers in this field, that you do not use yourself. Thanks!
  5. foreplease
    Apologies for not responding to anyone here. I do not get notified of activity and rarely look at my own profile.
  6. foreplease
  7. Hazardra Lawn Care
    Hazardra Lawn Care
    Things are slowly turning around for the better.. :D
  8. BrentM18
    I am new at this, but have read 100s of posts through Google searches over the years, decided to join the fun!
  9. RiverValleyTurf
    RiverValleyTurf sildoc
    Are you still running the ProMaster? How do/did you like it? Last, where did you find the upfit and what was the cost? Thanks!
  10. Lawnline
    Lawnline DVS Hardscaper
    Saw your post on the Adwords Brutality. I won't self promote and typically we only manage adwords for websites we run. However, I'd be willing to take a look at your campaigns and provide some advice at no cost. We're a website/marketing company in Tampa, FL that only works in this industry. Google us to find our website and learn more. If interested, just reach out and you can add a read-only user for me.