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  1. Meredith Hamilton
    Meredith Hamilton
    What is this and how do we kill it?
  2. redmax fan
    redmax fan Ridin' Green
    idea about gators : i wonder what would happen if the toothed part of gators was instead a flat blank area with 2 holes in it where you screwed on removable teeth that were sharper than gator type teeth . then when they dulled up you replace them or remove and sharpen them . would sharper teeth help chop up grass better ?
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    2. Ridin' Green
      Ridin' Green
      There was a blade that was out for a while a few years back that had a piece of heavy lb fishing line/trimmer line that was attached to the sail and it whipped around above the sail chopping grass and leaves up in it's wake. Didn't catch on that I know of, but your idea seems feasible if designed right. You may have just invented the next new blade.......
      Jul 18, 2018 at 1:11 AM
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  3. Green Industry Pro
    Green Industry Pro
    Not sure what it is with people asking for sod jobs during mid summer, had a lot of bids recently
  4. Green Industry Pro
    Green Industry Pro
    Staying busy and definitely hot outside. The 100s down here are no joke! This year has been good so far, picking up a lot of landscape work
  5. melsauto
    Been a Mechanic since 1972 worked on Cranes, Trucks, Construction equipment and now work on cars and lawn equipment.
  6. Daniel1983
    Hey guys I need help I need some expert lawn advice
    1. Daniel1983
      I live in Oklahoma purchased new house with a yard In bad shape I planted new Bermuda Scott’s seed in late spring I’ve done some msma spot spraying and I put malorganite 9 days ago and ironite 3 days ago I’ve been getting yellow spots here and there and the yard is not getting thick I have pics i can post if anyone has any advice
      Jul 14, 2018
  7. Jimsodder
    Why do I see centipede runners on top of lawn?
  8. B-Easy
    B-Easy Ryan Peterson
    I'm interested in the compost spreader if it's still available. Let me know... Thanks
  9. Matthew Robert Scott
    Matthew Robert Scott
    Weekend warrior
    1. Matthew Robert Scott
      Matthew Robert Scott
      How do I start a new thread?
      Jul 10, 2018
  10. Jose era
    Jose era
    Need help with a bid on a mobile home park