Equipment we use

      My reason for taking a risk with the Altoz TRX, the machine has the same mechanics as most ztr's the motor,clutch, hydraulics, if I have any warranty issues I have to drive 300+miles to my dealer, shipping parts would cost a fortune, so I ordered full set of tracks and spindles for each machine most alien parts for most any ztr on the market but the very reason I'm buying the machine, I bought 2 of the new Altoz 766i TRX mowers and havnt even sat on one.....except the little version that's all I needed, I use all Kubota machines all diesel, I run 6 ZD326, 2 ZD331, 2 F3680 4X4 (not many mowing services buy these) $30.000+ each with extra attachments!!! The Altoz is worth the cost and risk in my kind of work. Dont blame anyone for thinking it's a waste of money.....but I started my lawn care service with 2 push mowers someone threw away at a dump site and the first riding mower I bought I had to load and unload out of a pick up by hand till I could afford some ramps. 20 hard years later of losses and gains I'm one of best industrial mowing contractors in the state of Louisiana I mow all the north region of the state for Entergy, if your succeed in vegetation Management, live, sleep and eat what you love and above all PAY YOUR TAXES!!!
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