My Equipment and Jobs

Some Pics of my Equipment, and Some of my jobs will be added later!

Lawns P.L.U.S., Nov 14, 2016
    • stuffdeer
      How does that box empty?!
    • Lawns P.L.U.S.
      @stuffdeer We use backpack blowers, until we purchase a dump bed it works fine for now tho. my dad doesn't really want a dump insert on his personal pickup.
    • RigglePLC
      Its possible--I think--you could put hinges on the side. The whole side could open up. Place the hinges where you want. Side could flip up. Or down. Or open like barn doors.
    • Lawns P.L.U.S.
      @RigglePLC We were going to do that, but the piece of plywood we were using was warped. Because of the time consuming process to remove the back of the box 3-4 times a day, we will be putting barn doors on the back before next fall.
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