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  1. Cam15
    Awesome! Have fun with it.
  2. God'sGreenGrass
    @Cam15 Yea its a 4x4. Not full time of course, I can engage it when I need it. It has 144k miles on it. Needs some work but it runs. Going to take it out to a parking lot today to learn to drive it.
  3. Cam15
    Is it a 4x4? How many miles? Sweet truck. I'd like to find a f250 of that at some point.
  4. Carolina Cuttin' Company
    @rclawn Looks like a short bed to me. Equal distance in front of and behind tire.
  5. God'sGreenGrass
    @rclawn I don't know in inches, it is the shrt bed though. Less than 117" I think.

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