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  1. God'sGreenGrass
    Lol, they make up the money some where else im sure!
  2. Carolina Cuttin' Company
    @God'sGreenGrass Removing the tranny is no fun. I've never driven a manual, but I want to. Haha! Lest anyone try to tell me Texas is better than SC, check this out!...
  3. God'sGreenGrass
    @Carolina Cuttin' Company It gets about 15.5 in 2wd mode. Im geting around 10 bc Im not good at changing gears in it, lol (Need to learn fast, its drinking too much) Luckily its 25 years old so in...
  4. God'sGreenGrass
    @primerbulb120 I think its the rear engine seal gasket that seals the camshaft. I would need to remove the transmission and transfer case to get to it.
  5. Cam15
    @Carolina Cuttin' Company Lol, my bad. I don't really about gas mileage, it would strictly be a work truck.

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