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  • Hello, you posted on one of my posts a while back about K31 grass. I know you dont like it. I planted it in my back yard and its comming in pretty good. I would like to have something a little nicer in my front yard. The Lesco Trasnition Blend is too fine profiled for my tastes. Is there a TTTF that is still pretty thick profiled like or almost like K-31 but a little darker green?. Thanks for any feedback. I just posted this question in the public forum but would like your advice.
    Thanks Agrotis. I just figured out how to receive your message. I haven't visited the NTEP website in a while, but I will.
    Udmanden, i like rebel 4. - - You can get it lowe's for 2$ a pound. That said, i have noticed a drop in purity with that seed, so if i can find it, i will use "bullseye" from now on. That is the #1 rated seed for this area. You can use any of the top 10 on this list - - And be reasonably sure that you have a quality product. I go by the rating's for July/August to make a final decision. For best result's, plant your grass in the fall.

    What grass seed are you using besides the Lesco transitional brand? I live in Greensboro, so let me know if there's a better option. Thanks.
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