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  • Hello Alex, you wrote "Do you need a different drive shaft? That is very easy to do and not to expensive" as a reply to a member who has a 13hp Honda engine for sale because it wouldn't fit his Little Wonder leaf blower. Well I'm in the same boat and I'm interested in how one would go about replacing the 3/4" shaft on a Honda or Subaru engne with a 1" shaft. Any thought? Thanks Dave
    Hey Alex ... I noticed you are in/near Atlanta ... if you get up around Chattanooga any time, and you'd like to see my J.D. Z920R with the ZTR Puffer seat unit on it, give me a yell ... I'll let you try it out. You may not like the J.D. but I'll bet you'll LOVE the ZTR Puffer !!! !!!
    first off, your going to want to start off slow, get yourself a new weed eat (stihl fs100) a straight shaft edger, and i nice blower, i like the stihl br600. I would stick with stihl, ive used every peice of equipment you could imagine and stihl is the best built. get yourself a $500 honda push mower from home depot, they last long and if you break it they are easy to fix. now for the mower i would get something like i have, a 36" stander with a rapid height adjustment, i can cut a lawn much faster and leave a nicer cut with the 36" stander compared to my 48" walk behind, and the best part is you dont get beat up by the sulky. they are fun too, kind of like a segway and a ztr had a baby. get a small cheap single axle trailer and throw some racks on it to keep it organized. I would get a 5x10 off craigslist. a 4x8 would work too however when it comes to debris removal it will be to small. with this set-up you can easily mow 10-20 yards a day depending on the route and yard size. i would expect to pay around $6000 for everything. Dont bother getting a business license until your business expands, running tax free will save you a **** load of money, you will know when the time is right to go legit. as for contracts i would just have a peice of carbon paper with a pen and describe what you are going to do, " i will show up once a week from april 1st until october 30 to maintain the lawn and include ... blah blah blah" check out my website for some help on that. make the client sign it and give them the pink peice, and you keep the yellow peice. pricing is way to hard to explain without seeing a job, just try to make a minimum of $60 an hour before you start taking out expenses, you will learn very fast how much to charge. Like all professions there is a learning curve that you will have to go through, just dont get distracted, stay organized, show up on the same day and time every week, and bill your clients the same day every month, my bills go out on the 15th of every month. be nice and help your clients when they need a small random task done, good word of mouth travels fast however bad word of mouth travels like the swine flew on a japanese subway, and will destroy your reputation. Remember man, stay small and your profits will be high. That little set-up i described should have no problem pulling in 60-80k a year if you manage your business properly.

    Good luck to you
    Hi Alex,
    My name is Ron and I have decided that after this plowing season (hope that the snow starts falling!) that I want to get into lawn service business. I was wondering if you could answers some of the many questions I have. They range from start up equipment to figuring out how to bid and price contracts (as well as what needs to go into them). I want to go after mid income to high income residences and possible work some commercial sites that family friends own. Could you show me what goes into contracts and how to price them out? I live in Albany, NY and grass is cut once a week generally starting in may and going until november clean ups. I Have a Ford f250 super duty truck with merely 13K miles on it. It is regular cab with 8' bed. I will need to get a couple more weed wackers, push mower, hopefully zero turner, and walk behind mower; also a trailer to fit it all. Do you think that you could spare some time into helping me out? I have a couple people in my parents neighborhood and people I plow for that are asking me about lawn services which is great because I want to get into it but have no knowledge of doing it as a business. If you could help show me what contracts look like as well as what goes into them and how to figure out cost that would be great. I know that all jobs and sizes of jobs are not the same but if you could help give me a jist of it I would greatly appreciate it. Oh, and if your wonder why I am asking you all this it is because I saw a few of your posts. You seem to know what your are talking about and seem to have a lot of experience. Thanks again, Ron!
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