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  • Hey awj would you mind if I gave you a call to talk a little bit? I'd like to get some advice from you!
    I saw your posts about tub grinders. I am developing some commercial property and have approximately 50 large stumps and a few large leftover logs along with a few acres of tops and brush that are left after we logged off the property. We considered hauling the material off, but the closest location for hauling it is 10 miles one way and we only have a couple of dump trucks to haul it. A friend suggested that I look for someone to bring in a tub grinder to compost everything. We have a large loader that we could use to push everything up to be loaded. Everything should be mostly clean without metal or rocks.
    Do you think that I can find someone in the midwest (West Plains, Missouri, near Arkansas border) that would be up for a couple day job of this sort & do you think that the tub grinder would be the best way to go?
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