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  • Hello every one, I just join lawn site recently and I was hoping that I could get some guidance on running my lawn service since I know I have not bin doing it correctly. I am in the Orlando area and I like to know how to do a correct bid on lawn service meaning do I measure and charge by the sqft or by the approximate according to size. Would appreciate your in put thanks.
    Jim said you saved him a lot of money. Thanks for helping him out. Both him and Charlie had nothing but good things to say about your insruance service. I'll try to spread the word to more lawn care guys.
    Hello bearwise, im shane and im opening up in ft meyers fl in july. Do you any one that would talk the trade with me. I own lawn techniques in wet virginia, i reckin i could use a tlkin to about southern fl
    Keep up the good work with the insurance. I have a few buddies that own small lawn care companies that will give you a call next week. Thanks
    Thanks for the insurance advice.

    I just joined the Central Florida Group and the main Florida Group. I'll tell some other guys in the area to join the website and get involved in the groups.
    Bearwise, you still handle Travlers? My current agent is such a tool that he sent me a copy of my policy in the mail, but did not pay enough postage, so I just paid his shipping cost.
    Let me know, might as well let you get the $ for it, assuming you can pay your own shipping cost. Shoot me a pm
    Michael Geist
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