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  • Good evening, bohiaa!

    I was interested in receiving a copy of your professional estimate sheet. We are currently doing grounds keeping for one commercial company and are looking to grow our company. I'd appreciate any feedback you may be willing to share.

    My email address is jess2004taylor@yahoo.com

    Thank you for your time.

    Hello bohiaa, just curious if you tried lawnpro5. I know you were a big lawnpro3 guy. I am tired of viruses on my pc so I want to go all mac. Whats your thoughts?
    I have been a member of this site since I started my company last year. Just wanted to say that i enjoy reading your remarks and commentary on this site. A lot of sage advice has been given. Thanks again for your perspective.

    My name is Mark Mikeska. I was born and raised in Bellville. I am starting a lawn service in Florida. I was surprised to see someone from Bellville.
    You had said you'd send me a professional sheet for estimates if I PMed you. If you could send me that, I'd appreciate it!


    I saw your message about starting out on the "New-Bees" post. I'm trying to start out as well in the NW Harris county area... I'm going to be legite. I've got a DBA, I'm filing for my Sales and Use Tax Permit, and I'm getting insured...

    I don't have alot of money to spend starting out. (<$2K) I work full time as a paramedic and it allows me to have 14 days off a month. I'm doing this to help pay for my kids medical bills...

    I was wondering if you could tell me where to best spend my money. What I mean by that is should I buy a high end mower, advertising, ect.

    I have a "high-end" consumer craftsman (I can hear the sighs now lol) but I'm willing to purchase a professional grade mower, if you think it's money best spent.

    Any information your willing to give me is much appreciated. Thanks for your help and your time.

    -Travis Clay
    I'm very interested in your avatar. Is this a national movement or something your doing locally. I've been thinking about doing a few in my area.
    Hey man, I saw you posted on a thread that your county passes out your fridge magnets? I want some more info on this. How'd you swing that? How much does it cost, if you don't mind me asking? Is this something that most counties do? I haven't heard of this. I'm really trying to get my name out there more and want to find out more about this. Thanks man.
    PS- I see you're from near Houston. My wife's family lives in Friendswood. We're down there at least twice a year. If we were going to move, that's where we'd go. I love it there.
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