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  • Well that's is hard thing to say I have my 2013 and 2011 that holds at 3650-3750 now my 2010-2006 3500-3400 with a blades on and even cutting never seen none of them go under 3300
    My 06 cuts fine at 3400 if adjust it up it burns way to much gas so I leave at 3400 but 06 has 2,000 hrs on it
    Does your 33 like to rap out when you kick blades off I know mine will jump up to 3800-3900 and they have always does that Even my new one 2013 3360 does it from day one
    A LCO came buy I gave him few snow jobs and he about crap when he seen my mowers and ask how many I had I told him I don't like down time One breaks I grab another one and fix broken one later
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