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  • I saw a picture of a flatbed with dove tail and ramps. Can you tell me who built it for you? My name is Rob, and I have been searching for that type of bed for a long time. Can you help. Can you respond to me at rob@millerlawnandsprinkler.com thank you from Castle Rock, CO
    Yea all together we did right around 50 hours and then 6 75-100 yard driveways. not too bad for this little storm. they said more to come next week! salting is great $$ and much easier on the trucks, but pushing snow is always fun for the frist couple of hours. A storm like that 2 times a month would be nice
    yea, My one crew worked 31 hours straight, I worked 16, slept 3 or so then worked 12 more. Even had to do some touch up salting today. I cant complain, it saved my January. I wish we had a storm like that 2 times a month... it pays the bills. Wish there was more snow, most was salting, but hey good money in salting too.
    Making any $$$? I just got back in and ill be out in a few hours to do some more clean up and check on the salting!!! FINALLY got some damn snow/ice. Let me know if you need any more help, I have a few guys looking for some more pushing.
    240 464 1426
    yep, rain, and yes, I know. I have work planed for Febuary 25th through march 10th or so. I cant wait. Hopefully we stay busy, thats all I worrie about.
    Yea I know we need some damn snow!!!!!! Next week they are calling for a rain snow mix. It will more than likely just be rain with our luck, maybe get some ice out of it. Look at the bright side, only one more month and then we have landscaping season. Give me a shout whenever man 240 464 1426
    I dident know. I do have an estimate at 10 30 tomarrow. I may give you a shout in the morning. Whats up with out LACK OF SNOW! GEEZE. Its terrible.
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