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  • hey, would you happen to have a old clutch for a old school turf tiger(2000 model)? My part number is a 461716. I have one old one on a kohler motor that is starying to stick badly. if so, how much to ship to zip code 50211 in iowa and how long would it take to get?
    Hey, I posted a thread a while back about selling my landscaping company after this season and you said to PM you. Really appreciate your willingness to help me.
    So my gross sales last year were about 25k. This year I'm expecting be 35k-40k
    I have about 50 clients that would be willing to switch over if company was sold.
    Currently, Assests for the company that would go would be around 10k. Financing a new zero turn rider this year so at end of season would be roughly 15k. Includes multiple mowers,2 trailers, truck tons of other commercial equipment.
    Thanks in advance!
    Hey thanks for the concern, but I don't have a problem riding a mower as long as I remember to take my wallet out of my pocket or doing any of the work just hard to find a lawn care/landscaping job let alone any kind of job with anything wrong with your back. I have worked for a lawn care company for 2 mowing seasons and had no problem doing the work. Then I moved and wasn't going to make hour and a half commute for 11 dollars an hour.
    Hey thanks for the information and I am going to need all the help I can get as much as i hate to do it I am having to get a loan to start off with. I would have the money to do it if i wouldn't have gotten rear ended Jan of 2010 and my pretrial is set for August 1st of 2012 and suffered from a herniated disc in my back. So any free advice I can get I will take. Thanks Again Much Appreciated!!
    Really appreciate all that information! This is my first year of operation my own lawn care business so its all new to me. I have around 15 development lots i do for $30 / lot. Cut them once a month, i do have to double cut sometimes but i can get them done in half hour. Reason i asked if you charged more for taller grass was i was handed 8 lots from a bank that went threw foreclosure so they hadn't been mowed at all this year of last year much. 4 to 5ft grass was common. The bill is in my hands for charging what need to on them, just was trying to see what you did! I just know the normal $30 isnt going to work haha
    Hey, saw an old post from you talking about mowing development lots. I had a quick question as i had a situation as you described with mowing some lots that were over 4 ft tall. I seen that you said you charge $50/ hour but on these lots did you charge even more due to height being out of control? thanks!
    greetings, what would you like to know? Im located in Wautoma Wi, phone is 920-291-5003. Mow is available however, I have someone interested in it. It runs good just needs a little work, i haven't used it in a year and a half. Good machine and I just dont need it any longer. Let me know...Thanks-Mike
    Hi Dustin,

    Is your PG Magnum still for sale? I live in the Minneapolis area and am very interested.
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