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  • Usually when I go in it will be in the morning or before they close. Try to keep an extra clean shirt in your truck with you and change into that before going into the offices. I dont try to sell anything when I go in there. I just try to get my foot in their door. Get to know them a little bit and get a feel for who they are and what kind customer the can be. But dont try to sell them anything on the first meeting. Usually you will get shut down and not get anywhere with your feelings hurt. Just get to know them ask who does the service now and when its up for bid again. Ask if there is anything you can do for them and keep up with it. Email them either once every 2 weeks or call them evey month just so they can remember you. Just dont hound them with calls and emails. Hope that helps and makes sense. Im only on one cup of coffee right now.
    Hey thanks for the help so far I just have one question,

    When you go in to bid on commercial properties do you take the time to plan like a day to do it. Get a little dressed up more professional and have a sales pitch or anything? Or have you just kind of popped in when you were in the area?

    I am just wondering if you have had like better experience with one method or the other I know some businesses if you try to really pitch a sale wont be interested and some if you don't they are not interested. I understand looking professional always helps I was thinking khakis and a polo not like more work attire teeshirts.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated
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