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  • ok, just clicked on your profile again to send this message.

    you bored tonight? i'l lhumor you though, i have 15 minutes to type, then i have to leave to go pick up my daughter.

    I actually like you in most ways. I've seen your posts, and I think you keep it real. I think you understand the concept that to be able to make any money in this business, you have to keep your costs down. it's a bunch of bullcrap to drive around in a brand new truck for what? to get it all scratched up. so ya, i think you get it for the most part, on how to make the most you can out of this business...., and i don't think you fall into the "internet hype" of building yourself up just to try to impress online strangers. I think you are pretty honest when it comes to what you post about your lawn business, and your experience with the green industry.

    HOWEVER, i don't admire or think nicely of anyone that screws around with lawnsite. and i can't remember where i read it, but i KNOW you posted it.. and this isn't an exact quote, but the gist of what you posted was, you were USING lawnsite to get your website link out there to rank higher in the search,and you bragged about it on another forum and thought it was funny, and that's the only reason why you were posting here. I guess you thought you were getting over on us? Remember that?
    and that was AFTER you were allowed back here.

    So other than that, i wish you well with your business. I just don't like games or people trying to screw with Lawnsite.
    i just clicked on your profile again.
    It says:
    The last 10 visitor(s) to this page were:

    1. 1MajorTom
    2. AkRowdyA78
    3. ChampionshipTurf
    4. Daner
    6. JDUtah*
    7. Michael J. Donovan+
    8. mikeylikesit5805
    9. PSTsmallengines
    10. stripe one

    My name is always on top because it is listed alphabetically. So because I have the number 1 in my screen name, i am listed on top all the time.

    Also, that's 10 UNIQUE visitors, meaning 10 different people. You are probably only showing nine because you are one of the ten who visited your profile. It won't show you.
    it just goes to show you really don't know as much as you think. if you look at your profile, it says it has 17 visits. that's it, only 17 people have ever looked at your profile. i looked at your profile, when you posted out of the blue recently. that's it, ONE time. (until today when I had to click on it to respond to your message) HOWEVER, my name is gonna stay there for a LONG time, until TEN MORE DIFFERENT people view your profile, as it logs the last 10 visitors. that's how long it will take for my name to be erased. you thought i was looking every day huh? WRONG.
    Really am glad to help in anyway. I can't talk about much in there anymore. They really have put the stop on me in there. I don't blame them though. you can contact me at any time you want.
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