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  • sounds like what i would charg .. the only thing that would make me bump up the price . a little would be if the shrubbeery was where i have to get a ladder to do the trimming .
    I do all my lawn mowing on Wednesday and Thursday .. case it rains on my normal mow day . and when times are slow i get Friday thru Tuesday off . I had to tell a few customerss that Friday is my make up day or to get little things done day ..
    my cell is 330-309-9827 if u want to text or call
    Thank You, Yes I have about 30 Accounts. I knock them out on Thursdays & Fridays. These accounts range from $25.00- $45.00. Do you think 25-30k is a reasonable price range this clean up & edge? I can email you my estimate.

    Thank you
    Some guys will help. Some will push you under the bus , Yelling how you have to know your numbers .I cant say fact is,But most likly there, the ones that struggles the most. figuring out the numbers .
    With them getting bigger they forget where they come from . and become the low ballers.Myself i started out with the idea of 25 cuts a week @ $25 each. Giving me $100 buck from 25 different people a month, $2500 a month . But turned out. with all the mow companys that dont mulch .I only cut 9 lawns a week it's bringing in $1200 a month so it helps during the slow times of clean ups and mulching .Anyhow on every estimate i do, I go for the high side, and i will tell the customer. That it could come in lower.when all said and done .It ensures the customer that it will not go above the estimate.In my area you might want to call ahead to give mulch yard a heads up for that much mulch, A 1000 yards will put a big dent in there pile.I sure you will get a awsome discount per yard .
    Thank you very much for being considerate and possibly helping me out. Anyway, lets get to it. Here is my equipment list. By the way. This job I will be quoting is only for the 6500-7000 linear feet of edging, and a spring clean up area that covers about 1000 yards of mulch at 2" thick. ( MULCH isn't included in this qoute) I have been to the property. Now your numbers were pretty close to mine. I was thinking roughly edging & spring clean up would total around 25k-30k , and mulch would be around 50k... roughly a 75k job.. like you said always easier to negotiate a deal then to add more $$ to the bill.

    2014 Chevy Silverado
    1- 16ft trailer
    1- Dump trailer that holds roughly 5-7 Cubic Yards of debris
    1- Bobcat
    2- roughly 8 foot trailers
    all the spring clean up gear like rakes, weed scrapers etc.
    2- Rented Bed Edgers
    5-6 workers
    There is an On-Site Compost Dump
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