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  • Do you think everything inside there is fine to leave alone or should I go as far as getting a flywheel knock-off kit and then opening up that area where the crankshaft actually goes into the engine and re-grease it with new grease? It looks like it would be a huge pain in the ass, and I'm not comfortable with the idea of messing around with this machine to that level. Have you noticed this yourself and what should I do, if anything?

    Thanks again for your help.

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    Hi, thanks for your knowledgeable response on the KGT27A. I had a few other questions. The unit I had must have been used a lot since the engine was really dirty/greasy. So I took the unit apart pretty extensively so that I could clean the flywheel/fan and the fins of the engine from all around with Gunk degreaser. Took several cans to actually get the thing decently cleaned up. What I noticed then though concerns me. Behind the flywheel, where the crankshaft runs through--I take it that there's gears or bearings behind that that are in the lower part of the engine--because I see a seam that is bolted with I think 3 bolts around. I saw what looked like white lithium grease slightly surfaced to the top of this seam all around the engine, and I was worried that my degreasing it might have caused some of it to penetrate through that very tight seal and liquefied some of the grease and is causing it to ooze out slightly.

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    Glynn, maybe you can help me.I have a kawa trimmer kgt271 I'm not real familiar with them, but got one given to me, the shaft is broken, where the trimmer hooks onto it. Do you know how that dis-assembles? I want to put the new piece in? Thanks Jim
    Hello GlynnC, I'm down here in Columbia myself. Keep those Kawasaki trimmers going. I have a 323L that vibrates too much for me. Any ideas?
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