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  • I have narrowed it down to buying either one of these mowers,but I would love to hear your opinion. Which one of these should I buy?

    1 ) A brand new,and never registered 2012 scag tiger cat STC48V-22FS
    48 inch deck
    22hp kawi fs engine
    $6,499.00 plus tax.

    2 ) brand new 2014 wright zto
    48 inch deck
    22ho kawi fx engine
    $6,500.00 plus tax

    The scag is approx 30 minutes away from my house. (Pro Gold Dealer)
    The wright dealer is 5 minutes from my house.
    Hi GMLC
    Sorry about the post below. It started 2.5 times longer but I had to shorten it to get it through. In so doing it doesn't read well and my meaning is not expressed as I intended. To clarify I've been following LS for 18 months and the comments besides the mower options listed are what I've gleaned from peoples comments on LS. I was interested in whether you would see them differently and which mower you would think fits my situation best. My email address is if confidentiality is preferred.

    I have appreciated your reviews on products and hope to gain the benefit from your hands on experience with these machines. I intend to purchase a machine to have and use for a very long time so its selection is really important to me. I really appreciate things that are well designed and last and just keep going like my Stihl chainsaws. Thanks Stephen Carbines
    Hi I wanted your opinion on the choice of mower for myself for a small holding

    I'm looking for a 52-60 inch commercial mower - most important attributes are durability/reliability, comfort (I'm tall, skinny and jarring effects my back) and quality of cut

    I live in New Zealand - cutting will be pasture cut to 1-1.5"

    I would appreciate your comments on the following

    Gravely 452/460 - Reliable/durable, good comfort and good quality of cut
    Scag Cheeta - Moderately durable and reliable, Best suspension seat, good grass dispersal
    Scag Turf Tiger - Very reliable and durable, moderately comfortable, best all round cutting machine
    Hustler Super Z HD - reliable/durable, good comfort and a good quality of cut
    Ferris 3100 - moderately reliable/durable, best ride, and a good quality of cut
    John Deere 930M - reliable/durable, hard riding without aftermarket seat, good quality of cut

    If one model stands out to you for my situation please let me know. Thanks

    Stephen Carbines
    Can you explain the fleet program to me? I want to do a 452 pro turn 992231 and an edger986104 . Total MSRP for both would be just under $12,300. Dealer says it has to be net $12k after discount. I've read some other threads and that doesn't sound like how other folks are understanding it. Any insight?
    Looking at getting a Pro Turn 152 with the Kaw to mow my 3.5 acres. Its flat and a little ruff.
    My dealer has it for 6999.00. He also has a 452 with the Kohler EFI for 8999.00 but I just don't
    think I need that much mower. I just wonder how is the trim side on the 452 compared to the 152? Is the 3400 hydros on the 152 good?

    What are you thoughts on the Gravely Pro-walk hydro walk behinds? Have you had the opportunity to demo one? How do they compare to SCAG or Toro/EXmark?
    Thanks, I looked them up and they are not a long ways away and buying in NH I would save the tax money.
    Do they keep mowers on site? I am 99% sold on a Pro Turn 460 EFI and a Pro Stander 52 EFI.
    I really want the EFI's but I am a little weary of the HP on the 460 as many of my accounts have steep hills?
    I'm going to stop at the one in Mass. tomorrow just because I'll be down there.
    I would love to demo them but at this point everything I have read I think I will be better off going with Gravely both for price and quality, I just need to sort out the dealer issue.
    Hi GMLC,
    1st I'll say sorry for the long message.
    I see the area where you are in NH, I am in Cavendish VT near Okemo Mtn. ski area.I am new to this site and have seen your post on your Gravely Pro-Turn as well as other comments in other posts about Gravely, due to your comments and input about them I started researching, I am VERY interested in a Gravely and I can not seem to locate dealers anywhere close to me. I found one in Barre VT but they don't stock Gravely commercial equipment he sells & pushes Scag for commercial.
    I started looking at a Pro-Turn in a 60 inch with a Kohler EFI then I started looking at their Pro-Stance in 52 with Kohler EFI and really like that so I decided with the fleet discount I might get both?
    I can't seem to locate a dealer within 2+ or so hours.
    So after all that can you tell me where you go for a dealer? Do you have any info on contacting an area rep?
    I had read in one of your posts how you set your deck (pitch, tire pressure, etc...) on your Gravely. I wasn't sure where I had found that so I am just messaging you. Let me know when you get a chance.
    Mr. GMLC

    Thanks for getting back me with me. In the 2 weeks I have had the chance to demo both the vride and the prostance, wow I really believe its to close to call or really no wrong decision. That being said I believe at the moment I am leaning toward the gravely (more innovations, heavy built, good cut, easier to use) Thats not to say I wont get a used vride if the price is right, but if I buy new with the engine options and innovations ( foot lift, dial a height, big front tires) I will more than likely go gravely. I will keep my 05 turf tiger as a backup in case I ever it get tired of standing. Thanks for the reply and any morer info about the prostance is greatly appreciated.
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