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  1. 1977 K20, rebuild the steering box??

    Hey Mike, I think I got the same truck as you do. Well pretty close mine is a 78 campers special. Yep, you guessed it the steering box on mine is leaking also. What a sticking mess, the power steering fluid lead all over my pitman arm and bushing and totally screwed them up. Oh well. I was...
  2. Stainless Steel Grille for '77

    yes go to summit racing they have some pretty good ones. also try a search on the web.
  3. Damper on 78 3/4 ton

    I have a 78 3/4 chevy and the damper seems to be making lots of noise. I am not sure if it is out of balance or what? It makes like a "swishing" noise, everytime it does a full circle? Is there any type of adjustment I should be looking at? Cleaning it or having it machined? Come to think...
  4. know what I mean...

    Check this web site out it is really detailed on getting vin# off of chevy's: happy surfing.
  5. GMC Jimmy and no power.

    I have an 83 GMC Jimmy and it is gutless to the wind. Any tips on tuning the carb? Heck of deal has smog and air, hoses going everywhere.
  6. fusable link from starter to wire harness

    Does anyone out there have any ideas on the fusable links that connects the starter to the wire harness. Where can you get these fusable links? For 85 chevy truck