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  • ok thanks How do u like the new john deere i have been considering one because there isnt any wright dealers in my area. I just was wondering what all they changed and if i would like the controls. thanks again.
    whats the advantage and disadvantage of going from LLC to INC(s-corp)? I am LLC and sole proprietor.
    Do you still have the Foley model 398 lawn mower blade sharpener? I will give you $100 + $40 for Shipping to 16828. If it is good working condition.
    You think YOu could send me a copy of a 12 month contract, i have been having nightmare experiences with monthly maintenance, and no matter how much I modify my contract I still get those people that wait till october then find anyexcuse to throw you under the bus. WOuld be greatly apreaciated.
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