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  • No prob, yes, I have a paypal account, its been a while since I've used paypal, but I just logged in and its still active with the right account on it still so that will work hopefully. I'll get it taken apart today so its all ready to go for shipping. Call me at 913-424-5708 and we can exchange shipping and paypal info.
    If you send me $800 I'll take care of the shipping, call me if interested... I just really need this thing moved and its the bulkiest part of it the unit, I might be able to get more people interested if I sell the insert separately w/o the leafbox and its nice out so I don't mind taking it apart in this crazy "Summer" weather.
    ok, just typed in the 92.5 code in UPS website and dimensions and it popped up $259.15... not sure where the guy came up with the original estimate... sounds about what I was originally expecting, thought it might even be closer to $200, but shipping has gone up I know
    Called UPS and they quoted me $647.88, thought that was horrendous... they said it was because I was a new shipper with them but they would offer a 50% one time discount... I'm assuming it will be a bit more since I gave them unboxed dimensions of 67"longx51"widex2'thick and 270 lbs class 92.5 It might be bigger so lets say $350 to be safe??? UPS is a pain in the butt.
    my zip code is 66062 if that helps and you want to check out your shipping options, not sure the exact size it will break down to either without taking it all apart, so hopefully that won't be a problem when I ask.
    no idea, but I can try to call to find out tomorrow... had people interested and one local guy was interested in it for $3700 (on Craigslist for that much), but then his wife shot him down about spending the dough on it instead of on her, lol... looks like the shipping weight is 263 lbs according to truckcrafts website for the TC150 leafbox: http://www.truckcraft.com/productDetail.asp?id=15&cID=
    Hey, if you are still interested in the leafbox, you can have it for $600. Call me at 913-424-5708 if interested.
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