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  • Hello, I was wondering what advertising you used exactly to get that fast growth you have achieved. I want to expand as fast as I can.
    looks like we still have the pumps and 3 of the lights but no vault,if you still have any interest i will take 15% of the price in the column and then we need to figure out shipping,just let me know if you want to proceed,thanks
    Hey GreenI.A.
    How many weeks/months did you spend training your Technician before you felt comfortable enough to trust him with your truck, equipment and clients?
    Hi, thanks for your response to my post. I am just starting out and only have about 10 accounts. I'm a full time firefighter and live north of Boston. I would like to talk if you have the time.

    Thank you
    Saw your post regarding uniforms. Would like to get the extra 20.00 off. Looking to get some long sleeved/polo shirt and a hat. Maybe more. If you can refer me I would appreciate it. Have now ordered or signed in on Queensboro.
    Hi, I got your message. It takes a moderator to edit the title. I went and found the thread, and changed it to mail.
    Have a nice night,
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