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  • I am told by my local supplier that I cannot hook more than controllers to a pump start relay. I saw a recent post of yours indicating that it is possible with a series of relays and a transformer. The local supplier says with an ice cube you can do a maximum of 2. I need 3 and would really like to extend to a fourth, but do it safely. Can you give me some guidance?
    Hey there, I'm not sure if this is a PM or not. I hope it is. Whichever form of communication works best for you I can conform to, email, PM, etc.
    Business is located in Town of Riverhead.. I have a fair amount of experience with large pipe (such as Calverton National Cemetery). When dealing with large volume and high pressure you need to know what to look for. Proper pipe depth, compaction, "bedding" the pipe and especially thrust blocks. If not done correctly the pipe can actually come apart.
    There is definitely a learning curve when using larger pipe at that flow and pressure. If I can help you with anything let me know. My name is Jack and I think I'm located a little west of you.
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